czwartek, 29 sierpnia 2019

GAZ(ГАЗ) 3309 4.7TDI EDC17CV44 1037530473 P1076V100_GAZ_D245

Firmware for the car GAZ (GAZ) 3309,

engine: 4.7 TDI diesel,

control unit: Bosch EDC17CV44,

software version: 1037530473 P1076V100_GAS_D245 3309_D245.7E4_101681C040_S06,

the firmware disabled particulate filter DPF, EGR valve (you can remove the connectors from the sensors of the particulate filter and EGR valve) and made chip tuning with an increase in power and torque by 15%. The file with the recalculated checksum is attached.

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