wtorek, 27 sierpnia 2019

Mercedes Sprinter w906 2.2CDI EDC16C31 1037386902 P409/705

Firmware for car Mercedes Sprinter W906 body,

engine: 2.2 CDI diesel,

control unit: Bosch EDC16C31,

software version: 1037386902 P409/705 CR40-64x-70T5-906-080kW-40N-0 MEF-01-IG-002_PDF 7_ME 9,

the firmware disabled particulate filter DPF, EGR valve and mass air flow sensor MAF (You can remove the connectors from the sensors of the particulate filter, EGR valve), disabled lambda probe, throttle tva and made chip tuning with an increase in power and torque by 20%.Firmware in calibration format for recording via OBD connector.

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