środa, 5 lutego 2020

Mercedes W211 E200CDI DCM3.2 CRD-646-NMA9J-211WA-100kw-41O-EF-ME-D55-0802X17

Firmware for Mercedes E200 CDI, body W211,

engine: 2.2 CDI diesel,

control unit: Delphi DCM3.2,

software version: CD-646-NMA9J-211WA-100kw-41 OF-MAN 55-0802X17 01044805406461501634,

in the firmware, the DPF particulate filter and EGR valve are disabled (you can remove the chips from the differential pressure sensor and exhaust gas temperature sensors, EGR valve). Made chip tuning with an increase in power and torque by 25%. Firmware in K-TAG Maps format.

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