niedziela, 22 marca 2020

Mercedes GLE350CDI EDC17CP57 1037554880 6519039348

Firmware for the Mercedes GL350CDI car,

engine: 3.0 CDI diesel,

 control unit: Bosch EDC17CP57,

 software version: 1037554880 6519039348 CR61-HDB0-166WA-642LS-Russland_EU6OPS_4x4_3S-ME03,

the firmware disabled AdBLUE system ( pull the connector from the control unit AdBlue) diesel particulate filter DPF ( it is desirable to make the procedure of replacement of the particulate filter before programming, after flashing to remove the connectors of the dif-sensor and temperature sensors before and after the particulate filter), EGR valve (with EGR valve you can remove the connector).

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